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Steel Flat-Head Phillips Wood Screw Install Kits

Smooth tapered shank for a flush placement against the granite bracket.

Our Price: $3.49
The Standard Granite Bracket SB4H The Standard Granite Bracket SB4H

The Standard Granite Bracket makes for a fast and easy installation..

Our Price: $28.95
The Island Granite Bracket SP The Island Granite Bracket SP

This bracket has a 1.5" flange on the back for a shallow install.

Our Price: $38.00
The Easy Granite Bracket is a self leveling countertop support bracket. The Easy Granite Bracket SLBG

The all new self leveling countertop support system sold exclusively here.

Our Price: $19.95
The Wall Stud Granite Bracket The Wall Stud Granite Bracket FWM

This bracket attaches to the inside stud of a wall letting you run your countertops along the walls.

Our Price: $42.00
The L Granite Bracket The L Granite Bracket FLB

The L Granite Bracket fastens itself to the top and and back of the knee wall for superior overhang support.

Our Price: $37.00
The Easy Granite Bracket One is a self leveling countertop support bracket. Easy Granite Bracket One SLBG-1

Our self leveling countertop support bracket comes with a standard one inch Rear Pressure Plate.

Our Price: $19.95
Big Countertop Support Bracket CTSB Big Countertop Support Bracket CTSB

Made from US Steel. A 4" wide girth bracket with 5 mounting holes.

Our Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $12.95

We know It's hard finding the right way to support your granite countertop.

A Picture of the Easy Granite Bracket

We have the answer, a new granite support system that makes installs easier, faster and safer.

You don't need a pro to Install The Easy Granite Bracket.
A granite overhang is normally supported with corbels or legs. We knew there was a problem and so when we looked at the granite braces on the market with fresh eyes the answer was simple as all good answers are. The countertop brackets were working against the forces of gravity and we found a way to work with the laws of Newton. Our team was the ones that designed many of the "older" braces on the market today, but they had made some fundamental mistakes. None of the braces used the actual weight of the natural stone as a way to better support its own overhang.

Gravity can lift your countertop overhang.
By using the Law of Levers and Fulcrums the answers were found; a balance of law and nature. The "old" braces are very difficult to level or even adjust to be flush against the underside of the overhang they are supposed to support.

No more difficult leveling process.
This brace self levels so there is no need to adjust during install. By using the granite countertop behind the fulcrum to support the floating weight in front of the fulcrum or cabinet wall, the support system levels itself out and offers superior overhang support.

Three easy step install.

The Easy Granite Bracket can be installed and ready to go in 3 easy steps.
  • Bevel out.
  • Drop down.
  • Screw in.
No more shims, no more tedious leveling, no more glue, just bevel, drop, screw, and go.This granite countertop bracket out performs all other natural stone weight bearing systems in granite overhang safety and support. Also in the hardware install classifications we outclass all other approaches and procedures making it the installers first choice for floating countertops.

Look and see how easy our granite countertop support system is.

A picture of the Easy Granite Bracket design

Our research group reached out to our customers (installers just like you) and asked, what’s the hardest part of installing countertop support for granite overhangs?

"When we went to the clients and asked what was the hardest part of installing granite brackets, a whopping 86% agreed it was "leveling" the brace on the knee wall" 

What made us look at the "old granite brace design" and ask, why hasn't the granite brace changed or improved? And what will provide the best floating granite countertop support?

It was a resounding unanimous answer “leveling granite braces and corbels is hard and time consuming”. So our development team went back to the drawing board. They found the answer staring them in the face, By using the flat surface under every countertop in conjunction with the support structure acting as the fulcrum the countertop the Easy Granite Bracket levels itself. The best designs are the simple designs, the designs that work with nature and not against it.

Using the weight of the countertop to help support its own overhang.
So by moving the screw holes forward
from the rear of the brace we end up putting the rear end of this granite support under the weight of the countertop and allowing the back of the brace to support the floating overhang at the front of the brace. This design uses the "Law of Lever and Fulcrum" in creating a more balanced approach to countertop support.

picture countertop to help support its own overhang

"This is a granite countertop bracket installers dream come true!"

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