How to install the Easy Granite Brackets for supporting granite countertop overhangs.
The only granite bracket that is self leveling and uses the "Law of Fulcrum and Lever" to help support granite overhangs.

How to Install the Easy Granite Bracket is fast and simple.

The Easy Bracket is a self leveling countertop support bracket that is sold exclusively by The Granite Bracket Shop.

This is the basic principle behind the Easy Granite Bracket and how it uses the "Law of Lever and Fulcrum" to support granite overhangs.

General information a about the Easy Granite Bracket you might want to know before an install.

The Self Leveling Countertop Support Bracket also known as the "Easy Granite Bracket" and supports granite countertop overhangs. Although the bracket may be used to support any range of countertop materials, granite countertops require more support and thus benefit the most from this bracket.

Natural stone slabs (eg. granite) used for kitchen countertops are brittle, porous, and can break under their own weight.
The finer the granite or the more ornamental the granite, the more brittle the bulk material, so reliable support brackets are essential. The Easy Granite Bracket improves upon previous bracket models by extending the rear end of the bracket behind the fulcrum and into a base cabinet. The Law of Levers introduces a relation between the supported masses and the length of the bracket ends from the fulcrum. The Easy Granite Bracket takes advantage of this natural law in that longer rear ends can support heavier countertop overhangs. The countertop slab resting on the base cabinet makes contact with the Rear Pressure Plate, and, given that the fulcrum channel is parallel to the slab, this contact will continue along the underside of the granite countertop overhang.

Ultimately, the force of the granite slab pushing down on the Rear Pressure Plate swings the forward end (The Forward Support Plate) up
to push into the underside of the granite countertop overhang. The pushing force provides the granite overhang support. In order to take full advantage of this force, the granite countertop and bracket must remain in constant contact.

The Self Leveling Easy Granite Bracket is mounted to the fulcrum by drilling into the four mounting screw holes centered in the Mounting Plate arranged along the corners of a square. This square formed by the mounting screw holes is the threshold between "The Rear Pressure Plate" and forward end of the bracket "The Forward Support Plate". These holes mainly hold the bracket in place, but may also be used to implement minute leveling adjustments during installation.

This is the three parts to the Easy Granite Bracket.

The square mounting screw holes or the "The Mounting Plate" configuration combats any defects along the fulcrum channel.

This is the X-Ray view of the Easy Granite Bracket with "Space Washers" being used to create a cushion between the beveled out channel and the bottom of the Easy Granite Bracket.

It's unlikely likely that the fulcrum surface or "channel" will not be completely flat but in the scenario where the channel is slightly off or not leveled out properly, the self leveling action from the Rear Pressure Plate lifting the Easy Bracket up to the underside of the granite slab. The screws will not suffice for maintaining constant support structure-bracket contact.

Tightening the screws drilled into the mounting screw holes on the
the Mounting Plate tilts the bracket slightly according to which screw was tightened. Given that the fulcrum could be extremely uneven due to the nature of construction or simply making a mistake while beveling out the channel, so we have included 2 leveling washers that may be used to fill the space between the bracket underside and the top part of the bevelled out channel.

This is a picture of the screw holes on the Easy Granite Bracket

Mounting Holes on The Mounting Plate

  1. The four mounting screw holes consist of a top and bottom component relative to the vertical axis. The top of the hole is chamfered to create a sloping circular edge, allowing the 60 degree tapered shank on the wood screw to have the optimal fit. Below the chamfered region, the hole is cylindrical with a radius equal to half the bracket’s depth. The four mounting holes are divided into a set of forward and rear pairs. Each hole is placed on the corners of a square inscribed in the flat end of the bracket.

  2. The square layout within the Mounting Plate is best for adjusting leveling upon practical application. The symmetry of the hole layout is the most important component to this variation. For example, three mounting screw holes may be installed so long as they form an equilateral triangle.

Installation Steps for the Easy Granite Bracket

  1. Installing the Self Leveling Countertop Bracket to a base cabinet or knee wall support beam requires beveling out a channel in the top plate that is equal in width and depth of the bracket.
  2. Bevel out a channel so it has the same dimensions as the bracket and have at least the same depth as the Easy Granite Bracket to maintain the absolute flat surface of the Mounting Plate of the Easy Granite Bracket to top part of the support structure.
    How to mark the support structure with a bracket
  3. The bracket rests in this channel which now acts as a fulcrum point with the Forward Support Plate of the bracket lying underneath the granite overhanging countertop region.
  4. The Mounting screw holes are placed in the middle of the support beam’s channel.
  5. Mark the support structure using the Easy Granite Bracket as a guide.
  6. The installer marks the placement of the wood screws by using the mounting screw holes as a guide.
  7. Bevel out the support structure to the depth and width of the Easy Granite Bracket on the support structure.
  8. Once the bracket is placed on the beveled out channel with the Mounting Plates screw holes resting on the support beam channel, screw the first screw into one of the holes to lightly fasten the Easy Granite Bracket into the channel.
  9. The first "guide" screw must be left 1.5mm protruding out of the top of the respective mounting screw hole. This protrusion allows the bracket to swivel laterally given that the channel and The Easy Granite Bracket might not be the same widths and adjustment might be desired.
  10. With the remaining mounting screw holes in place, the wood screws are installed so that there are no remaining protrusions along the top surface of the knee wall or cabinet support structure . The order in which these screws are drilled is not pertinent to the Self Leveling Countertop Bracket installation.
  11. Place the granite countertop on the knee wall or countertop baseboard structure and this will now finalize the leveling of the Easy Granite Bracket offering the best support of all the brackets money can buy.