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Easy Granite Bracket One SLBG-1

The Easy Granite Bracket One is a self leveling countertop support bracket.

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The Easy Granite Bracket One is a self leveling countertop support bracket and is sold exclusively by The Granite Bracket Shop. All you need to do is screw in the bracket and drop your natural stone bar or countertop on top of it and it actually self-levels itself under the countertop or bar. No more touchy and time consuming leveling. No more sloppy wooden shims. No more glue.

"We heard your calls for a strong stone countertop bar support, and we delivered"

This is the "Easy Granite Bracket" but with a standard 1 inch rear pressure plate and an adjustable "Forward Support Plate". The Easy Bracket One or (The Easy Granite Bracket One SLBG-1) is one of our biggest sellers because it fits so well in a standard pony wall granite bar type of application.

F14.5 Easy Granite Bracket Specs:

The Easy Granite Bracket has three parts that equal 14.5 inches of bracket:
  • 1" Rear Pressure Plate
  • 8" to 16" Forward Support Plate
  • The Square 2.5" Mounting Plate

The standard rear pressure plate coming in at 1 inch still gives the self leveling effect it's big brother has but is really used to support the slight overhang on the back side of the natural stone bar as well as support the larger granite overhang acting as the bar itself.

The Easy Granite Bracket One Hassle Free Install:

  1. Bevel out 2.5" channel in supporting structure.
  2. Drop the brace into channel.
  3. Screw the brace into the support structure.
  4. Drop countertop and your done.

When you order the Easy Granite Bracket One:

The Easy Granite Bracket One still has three parts; The 1 inch Rear Pressure Plate, the Forward Support Plate and the middle Mounting Plate.

The 1 Inch Rear Pressure Plate:

The 1 inch rear part of the brace is called the Rear Pressure Plate and is the part of the bracket that sits behind the support structure fulcrum. Unlike other granite braces this bracket uses the weight of the countertop sitting flush on it to lever the forward part upward or at least even to the underside of the countertops overhang. This particular bracket comes with a one size rear pressure plate.

Rear Pressure Plate comes in one standard size:
  • 1 inch pressure plate

The Forward Support Plate

The forward or the front of the brace is called the Forward Support Plate and is the part of the brace that sits forward of the support structure fulcrum. This is the part of the device that protrudes out from under the countertop overhang and acts as a support or lifting brace under the overhang. It gets its lifting value from the Rear Pressure Plate and sits snugly under the overhang.

It can be ordered with standard sizes:
  • 8 inches*
  • 10 inches
  • 12 inches
  • 14 inches
  • 16 inches
  • Special Orders
* Most commonly used bracket size - The Easy Granite Bracket One - 8 - This model will be available soon.

The Mounting Plate

The middle of the brace has two pairs of screw holes - 2 Rear Screw Holes and 2 Forward Screw Holes. This section is set in the quasi middle. This section is called The Mounting Plate and is in fact a 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch square. 6.25 square inches make up The Mounting Plate with its four screw holes.

It can not be altered in the ordering process:
  • 2 forward mounting screw holes
  • 2 rear mounting screw holes

Install Kit:

  • Four (4) Number 12 x 1-1/2 in. Zinc-Plated Steel Flat-Head Phillips Wood Screw
  • Two (2) Space Washers 3/16x 3/4

Granite countertops and their overhangs need support.
So in order to keep your granite countertop overhang supported and secure you’ll need the – Self Leveling Easy Bracket – It’s the only design that will right itself under the granite countertop overhang. Installing them is a breeze with only four screws it levels itself. No more shims, no more tedious leveling, no more glue, just bevel, drop, screw, and go. This is a granite installers dream come true.

This brace takes advantage of this natural law in that longer rear ends can support heavier countertop overhangs. The countertop slab resting on the base cabinet or knee wall makes contact with the rear end of the support structure and given that the fulcrum channel is parallel to the stone slab will push the forward support part of the brace to fit flush against the underside of the overhang.

The simple beauty of this design is that it works by taking advantage of one of the oldest laws known; The Law of the Lever and Fulcrum.

Patent Pending Design and Install.

    • 4 Screw Holes on Mounting Plate
    • 2 Rear Screw Holes for Slight Forward Support Adjustments
    • 2 Forward Screw Holes for Slight Rear End Adjustments
    • 2 Space Washers Included for Uneven Channel Adjustments
    • 4 #12 Wood Screws