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The Forward Granite Bracket FMB

The Forward Granite Bracket

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This bracket can be used as a retrofit type of granite bracket. This bracket can be connected to a stud in a knee wall and support the granite overhang after an instelation.
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The Forward Granite Bracket

The Forward Granite Bracket (FMB)
This granite bracket is ideal for retrofitting granite countertops because it's designed for applications where the granite countertop needs its support from the forward part of the knee wall.

The only retrofit granite bracket sold

The Forward Granite Bracket is mounted on the front side of the knee wall. This bracket supports the stone slab from the very underside of the countertop. This bracket is applied when you need to mount the granite bracket on the front of the structure or wall.

The Forward Granite Bracket serves as a way of supporting the granite or stone floating countertop by mounting on the front face of the support structure. Before this fine bracket was introduced to homeowners and installers the options were limited to a very tricky and dangerous install procedure in order to fit a hidden granite bracket under a countertop without lifting the whole stone countertop.

This is the retrofit granite bracket. Although this bracket does not have the advantage of sitting on the wooden stud it still is a great way to support a granite overhang. With that said its imperative to use all three support screw holes in order to secure the bracket to the notched out stud.

This bracket like all the brackets require a wooden stud to use as a connection point to gain its supportive nature. The studs run every 16" in any normal or standard professional wall or knee wall and you should take advantage of this for maximum support. This bracket is used on the front face of the stud. In order to hide this bracket in the stud you will need to edge out at least half an inch of wood for the brackets quarter inch thick flange to settle into. After fasting the granite bracket to the stud you will need to place the drywall or surface material over the flange and exposed wooden stud.

Never mount to the surface of drywall or Dura Board this will after time lose its integrity to support the granite and countertop.

  • Heavy Support Bracket
    Three screw holes along the support flange
    This bracket comes in multiple sizes:
    1. 6' X 6"
    2. 8" X8"
    3. 10" X 8"
    4. 12" X10"
    5. 14" X 10"
    Retrofit countertop support for granite and other stone overhangs.
    Easy flange connection with easy face screw holes
    Hidden countertop bracket with safety edge
    Six Powder Coat Colors to choose from:
    1. Black
    2. White
    3. Silver
    4. Bronze
    5. Silver Vein
    6. Soft Silver