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Find everything you need to install Hidden Granite Bracket for countertop support.

The Granite Bracket Shop is dedicated to providing the highest quality granite countertop support hardware available on the internet. We have spent years in this industry and we understand the most important factor regarding supporting your countertops with granite brackets – quality and trust.

Quality and trust;
We know what is being sold as Hidden Granite Brackets and we know who sells them. We know that when it comes to your investments and safety there is no room for an unworthy product, especially when we are talking about your safety. We know our competitors and we know our partners. Firstly we understand there are some that don’t care about quality or safety, this group of manufactures will remain unnamed. We are not the GBA (Granite Bracket Authority) and we only judge the competitors in order to sell the very best granite brackets on the market.

About the Self Leveling Countertop Support Bracket "The Easy Bracket"

This is the most advanced countertop support system available on the market. Our research team went to our customers and asked “what’s the hardest point of installing countertop support brackets”. It was a resounding unanimous answer “Leveling the bracket”. So our development team went back to the drawing board. They found the answer staring them in the face – by using the flat surface under every countertop in conjunction with the support structure acting as the fulcrum the countertop bracket levels itself. Making installs fast and easy.

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